Punit Mahajan

Scaling Lead Generation for an Ed-Tech brand with Paid Ads


Client Background

Founded in July 2020, Instrucko provides children language learning courses across – English, Public Speaking, French and Creative Writing.

Client Goal

Client’s goal was to generate leads for their Edtech platform using paid acquisition platforms.

I personally managed lead generation using Facebook ads and google ads for this client. 

Growth learnings

  • Lead generation campaigns drove consistent leads with budget CPL
  • Conversion campaigns drove leads leading to more final business conversions than lead-gen campaigns
  • Constant creative refresh made sure our CPL was under the target CPL every month
  • Optimising landing page using LuckyOrange (user monitoring tool) and performing conversion rate optimisation tactics
  • Celebrity ad videos worked better in terms of CPL
  • Video lengths between 15 seconds and 45 seconds performed the best in terms of CTR and CPL

Results we Achieved

Overall Revenue in 9 months – Rs. 1.23 Crore ($163,000)

Overall Ad Spend – Rs. 49.4 Lakh ($65,000)

Overall Cost Per Lead – Rs. 250-300 ($3-$5)

AOV – Rs. 12,276 ($163.24)

Overall CAC – Rs. 4536 ($55)

How did we achieve it?

Acquisition Channel – Facebook Ads

We ran both lead generation and conversion type of campaigns to generate high quality leads for the sales team.

In comparison to lead generation campaigns, conversion campaigns performed better when it came to final conversion and sale numbers.

Instrucko FB Ads

Since we were new to the market, our majority of budget was focused around cold audience i.e people who don’t know us.

  • 80% for TOFU (Top of Funnel), targeting people who’d never heard of the brand. The goal was to reach as many people as possible and raise awareness for the relatively unknown brand.
  • 10-15% for MOFU (Middle of Funnel), targeting those who’d heard of the brand but still weren’t ready to opt-in. People needed extra information before signing up. This included website visitors, social media interactions and video watchers from ads.
  • 5-10% for BOFU (Bottom of Funnel), targeting those ready to purchase class but need an extra push. These were very product-focused ads highlighting brand’s USPs. We used testimonial ads from Mothers to show credibility.

Ad Creatives learnings – 

  • For all the types of funnels, UGC i.e user generated content from mom bloggers and celebrity ad videos performed the best when it comes to Cost Per Lead

Instrucko Ads Creative

Instrucko Ads Creative

Lead Quality learnings –

  • Leads from landing page were much more aware compared to lead generation campaigns because of higher barrier in filing the form
  • Optimising website homepage for conversion and removing unnecessary form fields that resulted in drops
  • Using HelloBar plugin to convert second time visitors by offering a 10% discount on all classes

As a result of our Direct Lead Gen Campaigns and Revenue, instrucko closed $1 million as a part of their seed Funding Round led by London-based Venture Capital firm, MVK Group.

Instrucko Funding

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