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Break-Even ROAS Calculator Tool
E-commerce Paid Ads

In terms of e-commerce paid ads, one of the most critical KPIs to monitor is the Break-Even Return On Ad Spend, also known as – 

Break-Even ROAS.

This metric helps you determine precisely how much revenue your ads must generate to cover the cost of your products or services.

Why is this important, you ask?

Let’s say you spend $80 on ads to sell a product priced at $100. If the cost of producing that product exceeds $20, you’re losing money. By calculating your Break-Even ROAS, you can avoid such a scenario and ensure that your advertising efforts are generating enough revenue to cover costs and turn a profit.

To make things even easier for you, we’ve created a straightforward Break-Even ROAS calculator.

Simply input your profit margin, and our calculator will do the rest for you. With this handy tool, you can take the guesswork out of your advertising strategy and optimize your ROI.

Another way to think of it is “How many dollars of revenue does each single dollar of advertising need to generate?” Keep in mind though – this doesn’t tell the FULL story. In order to calculate how profitable your marketing truly is, you need to factor in additional costs, such as the salary you pay your PPC specialist, or the Paid Ads Agency fees you pay to manage your ad campaigns.

⚠️ An Important thing to consider:

ROAS only doesn’t show you the real ROI. Its a good measure of marketing success within an ad account – but I’ve seen brands with high ROAS – and they’re still cash poor. Making decisions based on ROAS alone is a recipe for disaster.

Curious to know what are other factors to help you succeed with paid ads?

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